Meet the Team

Megan Krause-Photographer

It all started 4 years ago when my husband decided to buy me my first Nikon for the little one that we had on the way. (who is now 3) I never thought I would have a passion for photography like I do. It all started with my daughter and has now taken over part of my daily routine. I grew up always wanting to be a model or actress, but that's just not what God had planned for me. Who new I would end up on the other side of the camera. There is so much excitement involved its like Christmas for me when I go to review my photos. I am currently teaching Pre-school for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and I love it and I truly believe that it has taught me a lot of qualities needed for this business. My hopes for Bees and Honey Photography is more than just pretty pictures its capturing life as we live with expression and creativity.

Audrea Johnson-Session Coordinator and Assistant

I have been in the hair industry for more then 8 years. When I had my first child I decided to stay home with him and help my husband kick start his business. I have always loved being crafty and creative and have found a great outlet for it with photography.I like to make a picture stand out with or with out props. Also, because of my cosmetology background I love to just jump in a fix minor details (such as hair and makeup) that could make a huge difference. This started out something fun for us to do on the weekend and has turned into so much more.

"When we get together you never know what can happen, great for shooting pictures right?"

Thanks for checking us out!
Megan and Audrea

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